“Cardio Sprawl” – 12 min BW workout

This “Cardio Sprawl” workout will build a quality that old school boxing coaches called “wind” — that ability to fight like a pro without getting out of breath.

We’ll also burn a boatload of calories in the process.


Continuous work.

That’s right, you don’t get any breaks within your exercise circuits.

Instead, you’ll have to learn to recover in motion.

That skill will develop impressive levels of stamina, and it’ll teach you to find the “rest points” within any movement so you learn to recover your breath naturally, without collapsing in a heap and panting on the floor.

One of the greatest benefits of that is efficiency — you no longer have to jog for an hour to hit the wall.

We’ll get you there in 12 to 20 minutes.

Okay, let’s do this …


Moderate Intensity Day, Cardio Sprawl

*Video exercise walk-thrus, DETAILED programming / progressions / etc in the full Cardio Sprawl program HERE

Warm up with one set of the joint mobility progression.

Complete 12 to 30 minutes of the following flow. Do not rest between rounds. Your goal is continuous movement.

– Squat to Quad Press
– Forward Swoop to Down Dog
– Knee Press
– Up Dog Snap
– Bucket Drop
– Plank Roll
– Return to Standing

End your session with one slow, deep set of the compensation series.


Here is a video where Adam walks you through some (but NOT all) of the moves above:

Again, for detailed coaching and explaination and breakdown of this workout, and the full 28 Day Program, check out:

Cardio Sprawl and the “Ultimate Fight Pack”

Thanks –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

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