Bodyweight Beast Building (sample workout)

I can hardly contain my excitement.

Bodyweight Beast Building – my newest bodyweight program for fat loss and lean muscle building – is almost ready for you.


It’s officially going on sale TOMORROW MORNING … before 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time … and it’s going to be on a dime sale, which means that the price goes up each time a person buys …

So if you are interested, keep an eye out if you want to get the best deal!

Today, I just have a workout from the program to share, to build up a little excitement …

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I debated giving this away for free because it’s SO GOOD … but ‘ol FV is feeling generous today, so here ya go:


Bodyweight Beast Building – Phase 2, Week 1, Workout D

1 – Chin up ladder:

– 1 rep; rest approx 30 sec …
– 2 reps; rest approx 45 sec …
– 3 reps; rest approx 60 sec …
– Repeat 3x total

– If this is too easy, you can DOUBLE the reps and go 2/4/6 instead

2 – Bodyweight upper body “complex” – complete all exercises consecutively without resting; rest as needed and complete three rounds total:

– 30 mountain climbers
– 20 push ups
– 10 spiderman climbs
– 5 burpees

3 – Bodyweight lower body “complex” – complete all exercises consecutively without resting; rest as needed and complete three routines total:

– 10 squat jumps
– 10 reverse lunges / leg
– 10 step ups / leg
– 20 bodyweight squats

4 – (optional finish):

SIX TIMES – :60 runs @ high intensity (ex – run length of football field and back) … alternate with :60 walk (ex – walk back length of football field)


You can try that workout if you want, to get a feel for the program … tell me it isn’t SICK!

The full program is based around unique set ups and blends of bodyweight sequences, with some optional running / jumping rope / running stadium steps / plyos / etc added to the mix.

It’s freaking sweet, that’s all I’ll say! 🙂

And again – it’s going LIVE tomorrow morning – so keep an eye on your email inbox.

Rock on, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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