Arnold’s “500 Rep” Bodyweight Workout Routine

arnold bodyweight workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big proponent of  bodyweight training.

He makes some great points in his book, “Education of a Bodybuilder”, about using your own bodyweight for resistance, and being able to get into great shape at home, with no need for expensive equipment.

He says that certain exercises – like push ups – can give you the same effect of doing a bench press with a large portion of your bodyweight loaded on to the bar with steel plates. That a handstand push up is like doing an overhead press with your entire bodyweight. That doing an inverted row – using a broomstick and two chairs – is the equivilent of doing bent – over rows with a good percentage of your bodyweight loaded on to the bar.

Full Bodyweight Training Plan for Getting Strong Anywhere


Arnold’s “500 Rep” Bodyweight Workout Routine (from Education of a Bodybuilder)

Done 3-5 times a week

Push-ups x 50 reps
Row between Chairs x 50 reps
Situps x 100 reps
Leg Raise x 100 reps
Bent-over twists x 50 reps
Squats x 50-70 reps
Calf Raises x 50 reps
Chin-ups x 30 reps

Cardio – Jogging and/or Swimming


So you see – NO excuses!

You can get started on getting into shape TODAY – at home, without any expensive equipment.

Education of a Bodybuilder is a great book, and I highly recommend that you read it. In addition to more workout routines like the one above, the book is extremely inspiring. When you read it, you feel inspired, not just to lift heavy weights at the gym, but to work your ass off in whatever goal or endeavor that you may be pursuing.

If you are looking for a simple but powerful home-based bodyweight plan to help you gain muscle, I also recommend you check out Bodyweight MASS from my friend Alain Gonzalez. It’s inspired by workouts like the one above, and it takes all we’ve learned about bodyweight training over the last 40 years since Arnold wrote the book, to get you even more powerful results:

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Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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