Bodyweight Beast (sample workout)

If you want to double (or even triple) your strength …

Forge a powerful and athletic body …

Using ZERO equipment …

In 28 days time! …

You’ll want to check out Bodyweight Beast.

This is a uniquely designed bodyweight only training system, created by my good friend Travis Stoetzel.

It’s PERFECT for this time of year, because workouts in the program – like the one below – can be done absolutely positively anywhere, in a short amount of time, ZERO equipment required:


Week 1, Day 1 – Bodyweight Beast

Choice – Aggressive Strength Warm Up

1A) Quick Box Jumps 3 x 15 (OR Prisoner Squat Jumps if no box)

*Perform on a low box and go for speed

2A) Bodyweight Squats 4 x 20
2B) Plank + Knee Tucks 4 x 15 / side

3A) Push Ups 3 x submax
3B) Recline Row 3 x submax

*Use any type of variation on either movement – switch up hand positions, do on DB’s, with feet elevated, etc

4A) Burpee Tabata x 1 Round (Do 20 secs of work with 10 secs break x 8 rounds)

*Count the amount of Burpees you complete

Post Workout Extras:

*Stretch and Foam Roll
*Do 50 band pull aparts + 25 shoulder dislocators (if access to bands)


This program is based around principles Travis used to help a Professional Brazilian Football team WIN The Brazil Bowl by using just Bodyweight Training.

The workouts are very cool and unique – I would say not competitive with, but COMPLIMENTARY to, my Bodyweight Strong course.

Plus, you also get an ADDTIONAL 8 week bodyweight program – ‘Mobile and Hostile’ – when you order, PLUS an 8 week muscle up guide from Travis as well.

Get all the details and grab your copy at the link below:

=> Bodyweight Beast

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, have a great one! –

– Forest Vance

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