Squat + Push Up + Burpee Ladder (BRUTAL)

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas, meeting with the Renegade Fitness Entrepreneurs mastermind group.

We had a fantastic meeting – of course as well as a little fun around town.

We were in Vegas after all!

One of the things I did while there was knock out a killer bodyweight workout with my buddy Travis and a couple other members of the group.

The schedule was jam packed, and we didn’t have time to get to a gym, so we just did this one in the living room before we headed out on Saturday night:


Squat + Push Up + Burpee Ladder


60 squats
30 push ups
15 burpees

50 squats
25 push ups
12 burpees

40 squats
20 push ups
9 burpees

30 squats
15 push ups
6 burpees

20 squats
10 push ups
3 burpees



We finished that one in around 13 minutes.

It may not look too bad on paper – but it’s BRUTAL!!

As I write this it’s Thursday … and the soreness is just leaving my quads, chest, shoulders, and tris.

The great part about this is that it requires ZERO equipment – you can do it absolutely positively anywhere.

So give it a try, see if you can beat our time …

And remember – when you have workouts like this one – NO EXCUSES.

You can get it done ANYWHERE, in a very short amount of time.

Finish the year strong! –

– Forest

PS – Travis came up with this workout. I loved it. I asked him if he has a program with more workouts like it. The answer was yes. Here it is:

=> Bodyweight Beast

The honest truth is that when it comes to programming to get you lean, jacked, and all-around athletic, Travis is one of the best strength coaches out there. His programs have been a big influence on my training methods over the last few years. I highly recommend Bodyweight Beast!

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