[video] Can’t Do Pull Ups? Here’s How to Get There!

If you can’t do pull ups (yet), today’s video is going to show you how to get there.

Pull ups are important. They are one of the best indicators of total body fitness. If you are a woman and you can do a few pull ups … or if you are a man and you can do 10 or more … you probably have a solid bodyweight-to-strength ratio, relatively low level of bodyfat, and good overall level of fitness.

They are a great way to train your upper body pulling muscles … as well as the core and the total body!

Watch the video below, and learn:

— The difference between a pull up and a chin up .. and which one is easier
— What “counts” as a legit pull up or chin up rep
— The PROPER way to do a jumping or assisted pull up or chin up
— The PROPER way to do a band-assisted pull up or chin up
— How to work to full, unassisted pull ups / chins ups – and beyond!

And if you find this helpful, be sure to check out the full “Bodyweight Strong” 12 Week Training Plan at the link below:

=> Bodyweight STRONG

Thanks –

– Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor
creator, Bodyweight Strong

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