9 Minute “Fat Burning Multiplier” Workout

My travel schedule is slow here for the next month or so –

Which is GREAT … I appreciate so much the time to be at home and relax with the family.

But come September, things are going to pick up REAL quick again … have something on the schedule most weekends in the fall, right up until the holiday season … and I’ll need to be prepared with some fast, efficient, fat burning, lean muscle building workouts … that can be done wherever I go, with whatever equipment I have access to.

Like this one from my friend Dan Fagella’s Metabolic Explosion program:


9 Minute “Fat Burning Multiplier” Workout

30-seconds / 30-seconds / 30-seconds <- Repeat 6 Times = 9 minutes

— Split jacks
— Alternate Regular and Diamond Pushups (walk the hands, don’t jump the pushups)
— Reverse Lunges (right left right left etc…)


So simple … yet SO good!

Great one for your next ZERO equipment home / travel workout.

Check out Dan’s full Metabolic Explosion program at this link for more bodyweight workouts like this one => Metabolic Explosion

… and I’m off to run a Spartan Race in the morning.

Wish me luck! –

– Forest Vance

PS – Did you see that registration is currently open for our 21 Day Kettlebells for Fat Loss Challenge?  Details and submit your application here:


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