Are you burning maximum fat? Take this 7 second squat test …

A concept I talk about every single day at FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training with our clients is …

How important flexibility is for your overall results.

So today I want you to take a 7 second test to see what I’m talking about!

Ready? Let’s go –

Stand up in front of your chair right now. Touch your feet and your knees together.

Now squat all the way down!

Stand back up – and ask yourself these 3 questions:

— Are you able to squat all the way down to the point where your hamstrings are resting on your calves – while keeping your feet flat, and heels on the floor?
— Are you comfortable enough in this position that you could hang out there for a while – like a minute or two?
— Do your knees, ankles, hips, spine and shoulders all feel good as you go down and up?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, then frankly, this email is not for you. (And it is very possible … when we do this test in a boot camp session, usually a
few folks out of the group can do this with relative ease.)

However, if you answered no to one or more of the questions … then I urge you to listen up, because this may be the most important message you read for a while.

See, the results you are seeing in your body right now are closely tied to this 7 second test.

The reality is, if you said no to even one of the questions above, then you failed this test and you must start working on your flexibility, coordination and stability
today or you’ll slowly get worse and worse results!

After all … if you can only squat 1/2 way down or if your joints don’t feel 100% while doing this fundamental movement, you’ll be wasting your time during every
workout until this gets fixed.

The good news is … you don’t have to spend hours stretching in order to dramatically increase your flexibility and coordination so you can answer yes to all the
questions above and start seeing the results you really want and deserve.

In fact, you can get results today in as little as two minutes using the Bodyweight Flow System.

All this week, you can not only use this system to increase your flexibility and burn 53% more calories, you can also save 53% on the system making it a dirt cheap
investment. Especially since it will unlock your fat burning potential and make you feel 20+ years younger in just two minutes!

So if you want to feel 20+ years younger and get the fastest results possible, then make sure you check out the link below:

=> Boost Your Metabolism By 53%, Feel 20+ Years Younger And Save 53% On The Bodyweight Flow System

Here’s to you looking and feeling 20+ years younger with these 2-minute “miracle” routines! 🙂

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC


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