Hawaii Calisthenics Workout (pics inside)

Been in Hawaii the last few days for some rest and relaxation with the fam.

I have found some great places to do the bodyweight workouts while here!

During my training session this morning, I was thinking about something and wanted to share it with you.

See, the last couple of years since I have started getting more and more into this bodyweight training stuff, I think there are what you might describe as two different schools of thought:

1 – The “calisthenics crowd”

The focus here is on progression … working up to moves like:

— one arm push ups
— pistol squats
— handstand push ups
— pull ups and more advanced variations

This is the focus of my Bodyweight Strong program.

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2 – The “fat loss/ zero equipment crowd”

The focus of this style is no equipment, time-efficient, and easy on the body.

A great example of this style is the “500 Rep Accelerator” workout I shared with you the other day:

– 50 full squats
– 50 invisible jump ropes
– 25 push ups (choose a “modification” for your level of fitness)
– 50 split shuffles
– 25 cross body mountain climbers (each side)
– 50 jumping jacks

Do TWO rounds of the circuit for a total of 500 reps – goal is to finish under 7 minutes!

This is the focus of the Bodyweight Cardio 500 program we have been talking about all week.

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So which approach is best?

The short answer – both!

If you are looking to gain strength, lean muscle, and work up to doing “cool” moves like the clutch flag and pistol squat I’m doing in the images above … you want to take the progressive calisthenics approach.

If you are looking to blast your conditioning levels through the roof, slash body fat, go easy on your joints and do it with absolutely ZERO equipment … the fat loss/zero equipment approach I describe is best.

I personally use a blend of BOTH in my own training at different times … which is a great way to do it as well … depending on my current goals and what I am working towards / training for.

Well, I am off to do some kayaking this afternoon. During my workout this morning, I was thinking about this concept and thought I would share it with you. I hope it makes sense, and that it helps you figure out the best body weight training approach for your goals!

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, PCC


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