Mud Run Training – #1 Pull Up Mistake (and how to fix it)

During your mud run, it’s a sure bet you’ll be climbing, crawling, and jumping on (or in) to things.

So if you can’t do pull ups, your mud run is going to be agonizing.

That being said – doing them the RIGHT way, when it comes to getting prepared for your mud run, is also key.

Watch this video to for the #1 pull up mistake you’re probably making – and how to fix it:

Mud Run Training – #1 Pull Up Mistake (and how to fix it)


Mud runs, obstacle races, whatever you want to call them … have EXPLODED in popularity in recent years.

They are a fun way to challenge yourself, and get a great workout at the same time.

That being said, I can tell you first hand that these things are no joke.

We signed up and trained for one a short time ago as a team at my training studio. We were prepared going in, and as a result it went well – but it was a serious challenge, both mentally and physically.

People frequently ask me how they should prepare for these events – so I put together a six week training plan to get you ready to rock, based on the one that worked so well for our team.

Check it out here:

=> How to Train for a Mud Run (6 week program)


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