How to Improve Pull Ups Fast – 2 Tips

How to Improve Pull Ups Fast

How to Improve Pull Ups Fast

Pull ups are an awesome exercise. I could argue that they’re the BEST body weight – based upper body move. But the truth is that the vast majority of adults can’t even do ONE.

And even if you can do one … or five … or ten … you probably want to be able to do MORE. I know I do πŸ™‚

(I had to practice my a@@ off to get a strict tactical pull up with a 16k kettlebell hanging from my foot at last summer’s RKC II certification … and I’ve improved ’em a lot since then … but they’re still a work in progress πŸ˜‰ )

So … whether you’re still trying to get your first pull up … or you’re trying to take your pull up #’s to the next level … this article is all about how to improve your pull ups – fast!

** The tips I’m about to share with you are from Shawna Kaminski’s Pull Up Domination program (I mentioned her in yesterday’s email, she’s the 49 year old mother of two who can do 20 pull ups straight!) … and you can get a special deal on it when you order through me for the next two days. For more info and to take advantage of this special limited-time offer, click here: ==>> Shawna K’s Pull Up Domination**

How to Improve Pull Ups Fast – 2 Tips

1. Learn to use the muscles in your back to do pull ups

A big mistake “pull up rookies” make is using the arms to pull instead of the back. The key is to learn to retract your scapula before the pull – and then pull yourself up.

A great drill to learn how to do this is the hanging scapular retraction drill. Hang from a pull up bar. Now, without bending your arms, pull yourself up towards the bar. You’ll basically be pulling your shoulder blades down and back, and this will lift you up towards the bar.

Practice this movement to start … this will teach you how to use the right muscles in your back to do pull ups most efficiently … then, once you’ll mastered it, you can move on to …

2. Eccentric (negative) pull ups

Most folks focus on the concentric (lifting) portion of a movement … but don’t focus on the eccentric, or negative, portion.

This is a big mistake – and here’s one big reason:

Numberous research studies have been done comparing the effectiveness of two training programs … concentric only versus a combination of both concentric and eccentric training … and results consistently demonstrate that the group undertaking both concentric and eccentric training achieved greatest gains in strength and strength related exercises.

So – in short – if you’re leaving eccentric training out of the equation, you’re missing out!!

How to apply this to your pull up training:

Lift yourself up over the bar, using a box, bench, etc. – something to boost up.

(Remember, we’re just focusing on the negative portion of the movement … so don’t strain to get yourself up in any way.)

Then, SLOWLY lower yourself down to the starting position. Take five to ten seconds.

Start with maybe two or three sets of one or two of these … maybe superset with a plank or another core move between sets … work up to where you can do more eccentric pull ups … and you’ll be doing one (or more) regular pull up(s) in no time!!

Watch this video to see both of these drills in action:

In conclusion, pull ups are an awesome exercise. I might even go as far as to say they’re the best upper body body weight – based move. But they’re also an exercise a lot of folks have trouble with. Β The two tips in this article are a great starting point for how to improve pull ups fast!

And – if you want a great deal on a complete program from pull up queen Shawna Kaminski to help you do more pull ups fast – including everything from a step-by-step training guide to the best assistance exercises to do to bonus pull up challenge workouts – click here (special deal for FVT readers expires in two days) ==>> Do More Pull Ups Now

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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