Recovery and Regeneration with Body Weight Training

“I love technology.”

– Kip, Napoleon Dynamite 

I’m writing and sending out this article from about 30,000 feet, and I feel a little like Kip myself right about now.  Technology is simply AMAZING!

Ok, nerd moment over 🙂 … I’ve been in San Diego for the past three days at the world’s biggest fitness conference, IDEA world.  It’s been awesome – learned tons of new things, met some very cool and inspiring like-minded fitness folks, and picked up some cool new fitness gear.

I also did several workouts myself over the last two days … and that’s where recovery and regeneration with body weight training comes in.

Recovery and Regeneration with Body Weight Training

Next time you’re feeling sore/tired/beat up like I am RIGHT NOW :), here are a few exercises/techniques/workouts you can use to accelerate your recovery and get your body back in shape and feeling great after a hard workout day:

Joint Mobility – Very important for increasing efficiency of movement, reducing risk of injury and increasing performance.  More here:

Dynamic Stretching – Increase your functional range of motion at speed.  A recent article I wrote about this here:

Low-to-medium intensity cardio – I know I always write about the benefits of high-intensity intervals for maximum cardio effect.  But for accelerating recovery, it’s great to work in, say, a 20-30 minute walk or bike ride on an off-day.

Static stretch – Best done after the exercises/techniques listed above – and specifically on your tight muscle groups.

Pavel’s awesome book and DVD on increasing flexibility:

Ideally, you would do ALL of this on a recovery/regeneration day.  So for example, you might start with a few minutes of joint mobility, move to a few dynamic stretches, go for a 20 minute walk, and finish with a few static stretches.

In conclusion, body weight based exercises, techniques and workouts are an awesome way to decrease recovery times between hard workouts and regenerate your body. Incorporate some of the things we talked about in today’s article into your existing routine and start to see benefits right away!

– Forest Vance, MS, CPT, FNC, RKC II

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