Back Exercises Without Weight

Master the basics of body weight training, and you really can get a killer workout any time, any place

HOWEVER, if you’re at home, on the road, etc., and have access to ZERO equipment, there are a couple of unique challenges that body weight – only training presents.

See, without weights, you can easily work muscle groups like your chest, shoulders, tris, abs, and legs – with exercises like push ups, squats, lunges, planks, and other body weight basics.

If you have access to a pull up bar, you’re in business.  But if you don’t, hitting those back muscles can be a bit tricky.  In the video below, I show three of my favorite back exercises without weight.  Watch the video first, then read the recap below:

Video Recap

These are my favorite back exercises without weight – you can do them at home, if you’re on the road, or if you have little/no available equipment.

1) Push Ups

You might think of push ups as a chest, shoulder, and tricep exercise – but they are actually a great move for your back as well.  Especially if you use these two technique tricks:

  • Get that ‘mind-muscle’ connection and engage those lats!
  • ‘Corkscrew’ your arms into the ground as you push yourself up – try to get the inside of your elbows to finish facing forward – and you’ll get some extra lat involvement.

2) Band rows & variations

A band is a portable, versitile, and cheap piece of equipment that is awesome for working the back on the fly.

Just a couple of band row variations include the bent over row, the one arm attached row, and the standing squat pull.

3) Wall slides

Wall slides, or stick ups, do a great job of working those mid-back muscles.

Get ‘stuck’ back against the wall.  Get your heels, butt, back, elbows, and hands in contact with the wall … and stick ’em up!

In summary, the back is a tricky part of the body to work without weight – but the three exercises I covered in this video should solve your problem!  Keep training hard and talk soon –


PS – Remember – these are exercises to help you with your at-home/on-the-road/equipment-free workouts – not a complete workout plan.  Please make sure to work them into a solid and well-thought-out comprehensive program.

If you know how you’re going to work these moves into your existing routine, awesome!  But if not, click here for a great program based around the same body weight training, ‘no-equipment’ principles used in this post/video.

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