15 Minute Body Weight Workout Routine

When my training clients aren’t keeping up with their personal workouts, they (almost) always have an excuse.  Interestingly though, I get similar ones over and over again – here’s one of my favorites:

I didn’t have enough time for a full (45-60 minute) workout, so I figured it was pointless.  That’s why I decided to not work out at all.

Just remember – something – even if all you have time for is a 15 or 20 minute workout – is always better than nothing.

Here’s a quick body weight – only workout routine I designed with these types of situations specifically in mind:

(Note: In the video, I use dumbbells for the row … this technically makes it a body weight + dumbbell workout … but the dumbbell rows can be easily substituted for a pull up or inverted row)

P.S. This video is just a tiny sample of my 30 Day Rapid Fat Challenge … this program is part of a mega-pack I’m currently putting together (it’s all of my most popular workout programs bundled together at a great discount).  Keep an eye out for more details about the package – and make sure to sign up for my email newsletter to get the latest news of when it’s released!

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