Six Week Body Weight – Only ‘Blast Off’ Conditioning Workout (part 2)

This is part two of my six week body weight – only ‘blast off’ conditioning program – if you missed part one, make sure to read it before this post by clicking the link below:

Six Week Body Weight – Only ‘Blast Off’ Conditioning Workout

Remember – this routine consists of two separate workouts you are to rotate between every other day for the duration of the six week program. I covered work out ‘A’ in the last post; now for workout ‘B’:

Exercises in each circuit/pair are to be performed back-to-back without rest. Upon finishing both/all exercises in each circuit/pair, rest 30-60 seconds as needed and repeat two more times for a total of three sets of all exercises in the workout.

Exercise Pair 1

  • Split Squat – 12 reps ea leg
  • Side Plank – :20 – :40 hold each side (long enough hold to be challenging for you)

Exercise Pair 2

  • Burpee – 8 reps
  • ‘Reverse’ Leg Raise (lie down; bring the knees up to the chest, keeping the lower back pressed hard into the floor; straighten the legs and lower slowly, keeping the back pressed down throughout the exercise) – 8 reps

Conditioning Circuit Finisher

  • Diagonal Lunge – 12 reps ea leg
  • ‘Power Jack’ (perform a with hands at the sides and feet together; jump and stand up tall, landing with the feet at about shoulder width; repeat) – 20 reps
  • ‘Giant’ Flutter Kick (alternating leg raise, but bring legs up to approx. 90 degrees – again, making sure to keep the back flat) – 12 reps ea leg
  • Run in place, high knees, butt kicks, etc. (8/10 intensity level) – :30 sec

Enjoy the workout and thanks for reading –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC

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