Six Week Body Weight – Only ‘Blast Off’ Conditioning Workout is about two months old and is off to a great start –

So far I’ve mostly covered ‘one-off’ – type workouts, exercise descriptions and training tips. However, based on your recent feedback, this post is going to go in a slightly different direction –

I’ve put together a full six week long body weight – only training program to help you lose fat, get in great condition and build some strength as well.

This training program will be covered in two separate posts; there are two different workouts you’ll rotate between on alternate days throughout the program, so I’ll cover the first workout in this post and the second one in part two.

Body Weight – Only ‘Blast Off’ Conditioning Workout A

Exercises in each circuit/pair are to be performed back-to-back without rest. Upon finishing both/all exercises in each circuit/pair, rest 30-60 seconds as needed and repeat two more times for a total of three sets of all exercises in the workout.

Exercise Pair 1

  • Push Up (or variation like Feet Elevated Push Up, T-Push Up, etc.) – 12 reps (pick a hard variation for you – where you reach a couple reps short of failure at 12 reps)
  • Pull Up or Body Row/Fat Man Pull Up – 8 reps (again, pick a variation that allows you to work to a couple reps short of failure)

Exercise Pair 2

  • Body Weight Squat – 20 Reps
  • Body Weight 1 Leg RDL – 12 Reps (ea leg)

Cardio Circuit Finisher

  • Alternating Backwards Lunge – 12 reps ea side
  • Mountain Climber – 20 reps ea side
  • ‘Reverse’ Sit Up (focus on 5 sec. eccentric phase) – 6 reps
  • Repeating Squat Jumps – 10 reps

If you’re short on equipment or just want a new workout to bust you out of your current fitness plateau, get started on this six week body weight – only training program.  Train hard and talk soon –


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3 Responses to Six Week Body Weight – Only ‘Blast Off’ Conditioning Workout

  1. Will Watson says:

    Forest, this thing is a VO monster! I just completed the RKC snatch test for men my age: 100 snatches in 5 minutes or less with a 20K KB (I’m 57). And I thought I had some anaerobic and strength endurance chops, but, man, it took me 30 minutes to complete this workout. I had a question about the cardio finisher. I did it three times too. Was a 3x there supposed to be part of the workout? The first two parts I was able to knock out in 12-14:00. Spiderman pushups, neutral grip chins, and I did the first set of RDL’s with a 35lb KB. It was the cardio blaster that really had me blowing. What would be a sane completion time for this WO, doing it as intended, for a guy my age? Thanks.

    • Forest says:

      That’s awesome Will – surprisingly tough, right? 🙂

      Yep – you got it, three times through the cardio finisher, as well as everything else.

      Hmm, good question – I would expect you could get through the whole thing in about 20 mins. The combo of lunges, mountain climbers and squat jumps is tough – but a good goal would be to get through that in at least 8-10 mins.

      Hope that helps


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