7 Minute Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout

Got cool little bodyweight workout for you today from Adam “the Bodyweight Coach” Steer.

You’ll burn some serious fat with this one  … and all you need is 7 minutes and 3 bodyweight exercises to make it happen.

Now you have NO more excuses for missing a workout! :)

Check it:

Now, Adam doesn’t just use the same tired old bodyweight moves you see everywhere else …

So in case you aren’t familiar with any of those moves, I asked him to give you the low down.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here ya go:

Exercise #1: The Quad Press

(you’ll never guess where these BURN most!)

Exercise #2: Jump Lunges

(Adam does these differently than anyone else)

Exercise #3: V-Ups

(These get your upper and lower abs all at once)

I wish you could see Adam in action doing these exercises. He’s one of the most impressive bodyweight movement specialists I’ve ever met.

He doesn’t give workshops anymore. However he does demonstrate and explain all his moves via video in his Bodyweight Burn program…

And the program is top notch.

The videos are precise, clear, and beautifully filmed …

The workouts are short and carefully designed ..

And adam provides a clear progression for all the movements.

Check it out at the link below. If you’re looking for a great fat-torching bodyweight system with quick and fun workouts, this will be right up your alley:

=> Adam’s 21-Minute bodyweight fat burning system

- Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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The Bucket Drop

Yesterday, I told you all about Bodyweight Burn

Today, I wanted to share with you 1 “odd” little bodyweight exercise from the program.

See, the trick to progressing your bodyweight training is to keep learning more and more sophisticated exercises … and while that’s pretty easy to do with weight training, it’s a bit more tricky with bodyweight.

That being said, I think you’ll love the odd little bodyweight exercise Adam (creator of Bodyweight Burn) has got for you today…

It’s called the Bucket Drop.

Here’s a quick peek:

It’s simpler than it looks :)

Step 1 -

Get set on all fours — shoulders over hands, butt over heels, hips lower than shoulders.

Step 2 -

Rotate your shoulders towards the right, keep your left hand planted, pivot your right foot out.

Step 3 -

Drop your bucket — aka your butt — to the floor, catch your left ankle on your right heel, bring your entire right foot to the floor.

Adam has earned the nickname “The Bodyweight Coach” in the media and on the internet…

And he’s been a constant pioneer in bringing out unique bodyweight exercises and workouts for years.

He tells me his best work is right here on this page:

=> Unique bodyweight exercise system

I highly recommend taking a look and adding it to your arsenal!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

PS - Don’t forget – when you order a copy of Bodyweight Burn on my recommendation, I am going to send you a free copy of my “30 Days to More Pull Ups” plan.

In it, you’ll discover a simple – yet POWERFUL – plan to help you get more pull ups in just 30 days.

You’ll also get access to my Body Weight Strong pull up/chin up video … this video will break down my little-known, but VERY important pull up tips that could help
you get more pull ups as soon as TODAY!

IF you want to get a copy of my “30 Days to More Pull Ups” plan, here’s what you gotta do:

1 - Order Bodyweight Burn through THIS link (or any other one in this message) – and make sure it’s the LAST link you click before you order.

2 - Forward your email receipt to my assistant at fvtraininfo (at) gmail (dot) com as your proof of purchase.

3 - We will send over your bonus!

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Home Arm + Core Workout (bodyweight only, no weights needed)

Got a guest workout / video for you today from a new fitness friend of mine, Kiley Lynch.

Kiley specializes in teaching folks how to build lean muscle and lose body fat from the comfort of their own homes.

He’s got a bodyweight only arm and core workout for us today – no weights required for this one, you can do it anywhere!

Enjoy -

- Forest


Home Arm + Core Workout (bodyweight only, no weights needed)

Here’s how it goes:

– set your timer for intervals of 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
– we’ll rotate through 3 exercises, circuit-style, and will end up doing three sets total of each move

The exercises are:

– Russian push ups
– alternating conventional / wide push ups
– side planks


This workout is from Kiley’s Extreme Home Workouts program … click the link below:

=> Extreme Home Workouts

To learn how you can build lean muscle and get six pack abs from the comfort of your own living room.

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The Invincible Body – Part 2, Workout A

So we’ve been talking about this new “Invincible Body” program for the last couple of weeks …

Wanted to:

1 - Remind you that the sale price ends on Sunday night – so if you’ve been considering picking up a copy and haven’t “pulled the trigger” yet, now is a great time to make it happen – get more info on the program and get your copy now by clicking HERE

2 - Hook you up with a sample of one of the workouts, to give you a better feel for what to expect.

This is “part two” of Workout A (before doing this rotation, Workout A starts off with a dynamic warm up / movement prep, and then KB / barbell deadlifts paired with Turkish get ups).


The Invincible Body – Part 2, Workout A

Do four rounds of the following sequence, taking as little rest as

– body weight squat / goblet squat with kettlebell – 10
– kneeling / standard / feet elevated push ups – 10
– hanging leg raises – 10

Again, this workout sample is from my new Invincible Body program … click HERE to learn more about it, and how you can gain strength, lose fat, perform better and feel great at ANY age.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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Spartan Metabolic Bodyweight Workout

*Last day to grab the Funk Roberts 300 Mega-Bundle at 81% off – get it here now*

Okay – it’s Monday, and you’re motivated to hit a workout, and get the week started right.

But you don’t know what to do!

Here’s a “Spartan Metabolic Bodyweight”, zero-equipment, no-excuses workout you can do ANYWHERE from my friend Funk Roberts. It will increase power and strength, build killer cardio, burn fat and improve your performance:


Spartan Metabolic Bodyweight Workout

Do each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between moves. Complete the full circuit 2-3x:

– side to side burpees
– alternating knee check push ups
– alternating front lunges
– plank to triceps extend
– high knees
– dive bombers
– prisoner squats
– (bodyweight) renegade rows
– supermans
– alternating jumping lunges


Now if you like the idea of having HUNDREDS of workouts like the one above in your own “personal workout library”, be sure to check out the sale Funk has got going on 300 of his all-time best workouts like this one, HERE (sale ends tonight).

You could use these workouts 1) to add on to your extra workout routine 2) as stand-alone programs in themselves 3) to add to your “workout library” if you are a fit pro yourself.

=> Get the Funk Roberts 300 Mega-Bundle at 81% off (link expires at 12 midnight)

Thanks, have an awesome day, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance

PS - Check out the video for this workout here:

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Bodyweight Workout #6 – Fit Like a Fighter

Got another workout for you from my man Funk Roberts today – this one is a “fit like a fighter” bodyweight circuit.

Let’s get right into it:

Bodyweight Workout #6 – Fit Like a Fighter
from the Funk Roberts 300 Mega-Bundle

– 10 exercises
– 60 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
– do 2-3 rounds total

- side shuffle burpees
- lying ab circles
- reverse lunge to explosive jumps
- pike push ups
- alternating knees
- rotational mountain climers
- one legged travelling hops
- wall walks
- high plank knee to chest kick backs
- double sprawls

If you enjoyed this video / workout, don’t forget – you can get 300 more workouts like this one from Funk this weekend in his mega-bundle workout package, HERE.

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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300 “Plug and Play” Workouts + Metabolic Bodyweight Training Video

I will not lie – I’m a “workout junkie”.

All the different programs and products I recommend to you – and MANY more, in other topics besides just fitness – I buy myself. ALL the time :)

At this point, I have a HUGE library of different workout programs, that I can just pull from when I need ideas and inspiration for my boot camps / personal training sessions, when I am programming new workouts for myself, etc.

And, I don’t plan on stopping getting more, any time soon … because continual learning and improvement is my thing!  Even if I get ONE great idea / concept / workout / etc from a program, it is well worth the cost to me, many times over.

If YOU are a “workout junkie” – type yourself, you have GOT to check out my friend Funk Roberts’s new Trainer Bundle.

There are THREE HUNDRED of his top workouts in this mega-bundle.

You’ll get:

– Funk’s “Spartan 300″ workouts
– Tabata bodyweight blasters
– Metabolic bodyweight blasters
– “50 Shades of Burpees”
– Sprint training workouts

And MUCH more.

Check it out at the link below:

=> Funk Roberts “Trainer Bundle” - 300 “Plug and Play” Workouts

Also, thought I’d hook you up with a sample workout video from Funk, so that you could get an idea of his style as well – he is a freaking HIGH energy dude and brings it in this workout!!

Check it out:

Metabolic Bodyweight Workout

And the link for Funk’s Trainer Bundle one more time:

=> Funk Roberts “Trainer Bundle” - 300 “Plug and Play” Workouts


- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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3 TOUGH Bodyweight Ab Exercises – That Actually Work!

If you want the leanest and strongest midsection possible …

You gotta:

1 – Ditch traditional moves like crunches and sit ups

2 – Work your abs from three different angles

There is a new type of ab training that I want to share with you today that does all of these things … but before we get to that, here are three TOUGH bodyweight ab
exercises for you to incorporate into your routine:

1 – Spiderman Push Ups

This is what we would call an “indirect ab exercise” – that is, you are working your entire body, but in order to do it properly, your abs MUST stay engaged, HARD,
throughout the move.

2 – Hanging Leg Raises

This is one of my favorites. Just a few reps and you’ll be feeling it not only in your abs, but in your entire body … and you’ll build an incredibly strong core in
the process.

3 – Outside Mountain Climbers

To really hit your abs with these, do them for speed and intensity. Keep your core right throughout the move, and you’ll really start feeling it in just 10-12 seconds!

Okay – so as you can see, each one of these moves targets your abs in a different way. The spiderman push up hits them indirectly, the hanging leg raise directly, and
the final move, outside mountain climbers, hits them with intensity.

It’s a new and unique way to train your abs … and it’s called Hybrid Ab Training.

=> Find out more about Hybrid Ab Training and why you should be using it in your workouts here

To sum up, if you are looking to get the strongest and leanest abs ever, you want to ditch traditional moves like crunchs and sit ups, and encorportate the “three-
dimentional” ab training approach discussed in this article.

The three ab exercises I shared with you today are a great place to start … and if you want to learn more about the Hybrid Ab Training method, click HERE.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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Bodyweight Circuit for Fat Loss

Here is a high-intensity bodyweight circuit for you to start your week off right – you can use this to finish off your workout today, or even as a short, effective, stand-alone conditioning session – check it out:

And, if you like this bodyweight circuit, you’ll LOVE my No Gym? No Excuse! 7 Day Workout Guide … click the link below to get it free now:


Thanks -

- Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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FREE 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout Video

I know Mondays can be crazy with work, family obligations, etc …

So today, I wanted to hook you up with a sweet workout that will:

– Tone your entire body from head to toe
– Burn fat with ZERO equipment (you can do it right at home)
– Take up the SMALLEST amount of your time as possible – while still delivering great results (only 10-minutes)

There is actually is a CRAZY story behind this one, too … which I’ll get to in just a second … but first, let’s crank this workout:

My friend Derek Wahler filmed this just a month after having emergency surgery on his stomach and small intestine …

It’s a CRAZY story, and you can read the whole thing HERE.

So if he can push through it, I know you can too.

If you like the workout video and want over 20 more, strategically placed in a 29-day plan that requires ZERO equipment and will flatten your stomach WITHOUT any cardio, then you’ll want to check out Derek’s workout program at the link below:

=> 29 Day Flat Stomach Formula

You can see Derek’s before and after pics and a LOT more on at the link above … it’s some very inspiring and motivating stuff!

So that’s it for now … I have a lot going on today too, so gotta run :)

Try the workout, check out Derek’s program if you’re interested, and have an awesome day!

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC


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